More on global warming

Jessica Lewis

Perhaps I should allow this topic to die, but I am unable to do so. Since I wrote an editorial on global warming two weeks ago, I have talked to several people who feel there is no such thing. I have no wish to argue with anyone over the reality or the fiction of this topic, however, I am going to.

Democrats and liberals have been preaching the effects of global warming for years, but recently even the Bush administration has jumped on board. The Bush administration has admitted that polar bears are in danger of extinction due to melting ice on the arctic sea, going so far as to say it is a direct result of global warming. There is a concerted effort being made to put the polar bears on the endangered species list as a result.

I have heard many arguments over the past weeks. People have many explanations for the recent weather and why global warming is not really an issue at all, however, I cannot believe that 73 degree temperatures in Central Park in the beginning of January is a natural occurrence. It is true that throughout history, temperatures have fluctuated, but is that really reason enough to stick our heads in the sand and say it has nothing to do with the huge hole in the ozone layer and the amount of damaging green-house gas emissions released into the atmosphere each year.

I’m not trying to preach or to convince everyone to become tree-hugging environmentalists. I just think it is important to be aware of what is going on in the world around us. Numerous scientists, who know much more than I, are convinced that global warming is having a serious effect on the planet, and now that the Bush administration, who has denied the severity of the issue throughout their entire tenure of office, has jumped on the band wagon, I see little reason to deny the likelihood of this concept.