Michael McGuire

Good friends are hard to find.

But if you already had them, they’re easy to re-find, and maybe it’s when we need them the most that we do.

These friends I speak of died in a car accident at Colgate University. Rachel Nargiso, Emily Collins, and Katie Almeter. REK. And They’ve probably been gone for longer than I was ever friends with them here on earth.

Six years after the accident, It’s taken me this much time to begin figuring out that understanding they are dead is different than understanding what their death means. I got that from their moms and dads.

For the parents, it means that one of the best of them is still one of the best of them, just gone to somewhere else, where we can only imagine what it’s like.

It means that although gone, the best of them left the best behind.

It also means that for whatever reason, our own lives might start to have more of a mystical quality when we believe that our future is uncertain, but life itself is beautiful, unexplainable, and precious – and what we make it.

Sorry to get all “Misty” on you, but that is what my friends called me when they were alive (it’s a really funny story that involves a certain menthol cigarette brand that’s marketed for, and popular among independent and classy women).