My Favorite Holiday

Tyler Murphy

Why at only the end of the year do we all try and dredge the back of our minds for a way to improve ourselves, shouldn’t this be an on going process? I think that’s what a good resolution might be.

Watching my feet with each step forward into the future I sometimes forget to look up at the horizon. I’m determined this year and every after to keep my eye on that horizon. I have plenty of real problems that will follow me into the new year and many more lying ahead the trick is being able to see past them. I hate the days that are consumed by the trivial difficulties of life, and although I don’t think they can always be avoided, they can be taken in stride. One of my favorite expressions is that life is 10 percent action and 90 percent reaction. Most of us have control of only the latter, which when you look at the numbers isn’t a bad deal if you can handle it. We pay for our mistakes in more ways than one and others often have to pay too. Sometimes it’s probably better for everyone if we never got out of bed. I know that I’ve handled a few days so badly I’d rather attempt brain surgery with a lead pipe on myself, but life goes on with or without us, so we might as well go along for the ride.

No one is perfect, and I’m sure a required element of success in my plan is to included family and friends as intricate parts. Those loved ones will either carry or drag you kicking and screaming through the harder times. If you can’t walk; crawl. If you can’t crawl; get a friend to carry you.
So since I’m now relying on my friends and family I suppose I had better do the same for them either out of love or obligation. I truly believe we are all in this together the only trick however is finding someone who knows the same. This now also obligates me to get out of bed because you never know who might need you today. In the grand scheme of things we can all do a greater good although on occasion we inflict serious damage. I will remember that how I handle the average day will inevitably lead to the sum of how I handled life.

A last quote I love, that says it with more class than I ever could.

“The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.”
–Thomas Paine

“Get busy living or get busy dying,” -Andy Dufresne