New Year’s Resolution

Jessica Lewis

Evening Sun New Year’s Resolutions
By Jessica Lewis
Sun Staff Writer
As the last week of December begins, one question keeps entering my mind; what will be this year’s New Year’s resolution. Every year I, along with millions of others, create arbitrary and often easily forgotten resolutions that we stick to for a few weeks before moving on to other tasks. This year, I want to set a resolution that is worth keeping,
There are always the obvious resolutions; to be more organized, to lose those pounds that we packed on during the holiday season, to rid ourselves of bad habits, but these are the types of resolutions that people keep for a matter of weeks, and then discard like yesterday’s trash.
This year I have several resolutions. I resolve to be more environmentally conscious. If this winter, with it’s mid-forty degree temperatures and lack of considerable snow fall, has made me aware of anything, it is that the climate has changed, and the end results may not be as favorable as they now seem. I enjoy not having to shovel the drive way and wade through the snow drifts as much as the next person, but I’m becoming increasingly aware that something about this winter weather is a little strange.
As part of my New Year’s resolution, I am going to try to do more for the environment. I will recycle more, including batteries, despite the fact that it requires twice the effort, and I will try to limit the amount of frivolous trips I make in my car. I know my actions won’t be enough to change the course of events for the planet, but at least I will know I did my best.
The rest of my resolution is much more subjective. It involves simply being a better person. Sometimes I find myself, as I’m sure many do, thinking of my own hardships in life, and feeling sorry for myself. This year I will try to remember the people who are less fortunate than myself, and instead of wasting time taking pity on myself, I hope to find the time to help others. Volunteering is such a kind and ambitious undertaking. It’s always difficult to try to find the time to give, but I hope this year I will be able to do just that. Perhaps I can forgo some of my less meaningful activities; give up a day of shopping or visiting with my friends to help individuals who need it.