My favorite teacher

Jessica Lewis

This week is American Education Week, and I cannot let it pass without mentioning my favorite teachers. First of all I should say a few words about the wonderful English teacher at Oxford Academy. Although I didn’t attend school in Oxford, 11th grade teacher Jena O’Conner taught me how to read the summer before I began kindergarten. I was five, and she was ten, and with her help I developed a love for reading that never ended.

Now that I’ve finished praising my sister, I will tell you a little about my favorite school teacher. I remember meeting Miss Blake during my first art class in kindergarten. I don’t remember much, except that at the time I thought her name was Miss Black, ‘cause if you’re an art teacher your name should be a color. She always seemed to be in a good mood, and to this day, she seems to receive more hugs than any other teacher. Since that first meeting, I had many encounters with my favorite teacher. In fifth grade, we started the art club. During recess, we had a choice, we could either go outside and play, or we could spend the afternoon with Miss Blake, discovering oil crayons and water colors. An overwhelming number of students turned down kick ball and picked up the colored pencils.

Miss Blake stuck with us through junior high and high school. She eventually became one of our class advisors. The prom committee met in her room during lunch, making plans and preparations. We worked on the mural that hung on the stage during the dance, and with her guidance, made it beautiful. Miss Blake accompanied us on our senior trip, and before graduation, she gave us each a folder full of art work that we had created over the years.

More than being just a teacher, Miss Blake was a true friend. To this day, I feel I have a close connection to my favorite teacher. She attended my wedding, and I send her pictures of my baby. As a child I was inspired by her warmth and kindness, and as an adult, I strive to make a difference to others, the way she has made a difference to me.