We can never go back to our school.

Tyler Murphy

About five years ago when I graduated from Oxford Academy High School we fortunately had an open campus. During lunch hours we could meander around town and have a chance at eating something other than cafeteria food, however some of the older students took the time to indulge in a cigarette. The administration even allowed us to go outside at our leisure during honor study hall and quite often the back and side doors were propped open by students and faculty alike during the warmer seasons, even small door stops or rocks where kept neatly inside the exits so you didn’t have to look for them. Although hall passes where suppose to be used I only carried one perhaps a dozen times during my entire four years at Oxford. Many of my peers were equally delinquent with what we considered an absurd control protocol out of date since early middle school and through lack of enforcement we knew many of our teachers sympathized. School fights where nothing more than a few days suspension and threats where still considered emotional adolescent outbursts that the principle made you reluctantly take back and apologize for but we always knew he was right. My principle was Mark Hine at the time and I respected him profoundly for being both a tempered authority and for being an open listener, often speaking with students rather than at them. The greatest education that a teacher can offer can not be found in a text book. To be honest many of the standard security measures taken now would have been regarded as demeaning and subordinate to me and my peers then. However this is a brave new world and as our time passed five years ago we all could notice the death of our kind high school as national events curbed the ideologies of our culture and school administrations. The changes where rudimentary and subtle but by the time I had graduated I knew the next time I returned I would find a a place completely alien to me. Although I can’t say if things have changed for the best or not I am certain that as a student knowing how it used to be, I would hate it now. How can schools be responsible for teaching a liberal education and be so conservative? Schools have become our systems biggest hypocrisies.