Turning tricks

Jeff Genung

Not a big fan of Halloween, I’ll admit that. But lest the Grinch in me take over completely, I consented to dispense the obligatory candy on trick-or-treat night in the fair City of Norwich.

Largely, the kiddies and adults who came by were a cordial group, staging the perfunctory ritual (basically extortion with costumes) with grace and mirth.

But then …

Seriously, kids, an essential component to the trick-or-treat custom is actually saying “trick or treat.” I was surprised by how many of the little urchins simply thrust their bags in my face and never uttered a word.

Oh yeah, and I’m not buying the “This is for Susie back home” scam with two bags. One kid, one handful of candy. Nice try.

Lastly, I’d offer one more piece of advice for successful trick-or-treating. Wear a $&^#! costume! If you’re old enough to be cool with going door to door begging for candy wearing what you wore to school that day, you’re too freakin’ old to go trick-or-treating. Only the fear of retaliation with the aforementioned “trick” kept me from giving these little miscreants what Charlie Brown always got … a rock.