In Search of the Great Pumpkin

Jessica Lewis

Friday afternoon as I left the office, the sun was shining, and I had only one goal in my mind, finding a great pumpkin. With Halloween only days away, I wanted to carve the perfect pumpkin to set on my front porch. Maybe it’s because this is my first Halloween as a mom, or maybe I just felt especially in the Halloween spirit this year, but my goal was set, and I was determined.

After picking up the baby at daycare, we drove to the nearest farm stand, only to be informed, they had no pumpkins. The flood had washed out most of their crop, and the only pumpkin left was about the size of a gourd. I was informed that I could get a pretty good deal on the shrunken half pumpkin, but since there was no chance I could carve it without using a hypodermic needle and a toothpick, I passed.

We kept driving, the next farm stand came into view. I pulled up, optimistic that this time the perfect pumpkin was waiting for us, but I heard a similar story from a similar man. This time not even an acorn sized pumpkin was offered.

My heart sunk. Fine, I thought, I’ll get a grocery store pumpkin. I drove back into Norwich, and took a slightly more cranky baby into Wal-Mart. We bought candy, and a couple more decorations, but when I looked for pumpkins, none could be found. The cashier informed me, they had probably run out. With no more pumpkin carving ambition, I scooped up my very grumpy baby and headed home.

My great pumpkin search is over. I will admit defeat, but I must ask, where have all the pumpkins gone?