Pumpkin Fest preparation at The Evening Sun

Jessica Lewis

Pumpkin Fest will be kicking off tonight, and here at The Evening Sun, we couldn’t be more excited. While we were walking past the park today, headed to our once a week group lunch, we couldn’t help but notice the tents and scaffolding filling the park. That was all we needed to put us in the Pumpkin Fest mood.

Despite the weather, The Evening Sun crew plans to spend all weekend in the park. Jeff Genung, our managing editor, says it’s the best part of the whole year. Today we anxiously awaited the celebration.

Everyone has been busily working to put The Pumpkin Vine together, so once it and the paper had been finished for the day, it was time to kick back and work up some Pumpkin Fest spirit. We passed the day by carving pumpkins in the conference room. The pumpkin world record is going down if we have anything to say about it. The day is almost over, and we’ve succeeded in carving 12 pumpkins, (Jeff named the four he worked on.) We’ll be walking all of the pumpkins; including Bo bo, Squinty, Biffalo Buff and Stinky Steve, down to the park tonight.

So if you’re brave, take a chance on the weather and come join in the festivities, and don’t forget to bring your pumpkins.