Editor from Stupidville

Jeff Genung

Astute evesun.com readers have no doubt noticed by now that we made a little change to the submission form on our online “30 Seconds” page this week.

When we went online with the new website this summer, it seemed logical to provide a text field for the comments, a little button to check “man” or “woman” and then a field to type in the town you’re from, following the conventions of the print edition of the column which made “Man from Norwich” part of the Chenango lexicon a decade ago.

Oh, but you Internet users are too clever for us! Instead of typing in your town, you quickly figured out that you could type anything you wanted in that little box! Like “Dear Abby” on crack, “Woman from Oxford” quickly devolved into “Woman from Time for a Change,” “Man from Mars,” “Man from Time for a New Topic,” “Woman from Getalongville,” “Woman from Merriam & Webster” … well, you get the point.

So now, we’ve given you a drop-down menu to choose your local hometown, or “Outside Chenango County.” This will force you to be clever within the message itself. So there.

And who the $&^% is Missy?