Another FEMA extension

Jessica Lewis

Today I received an e-mail, saying that the application deadline for registering with FEMA and New York State for disaster assistance, scheduled for Oct. 16, would be extended until Oct. 30. This came as no real shock to me. Even though I spoke with a FEMA representative only last week who told me that they were “moving heaven and earth to not extend the deadline again,” I was not surprised by this announcement.

FEMA originally scheduled Sept. 5 as the deadline. It has been extended three times since then. Perhaps I am not the only one who expected this to occur. I sympathize with anyone whose home and belongings were damaged during the flooding, however, I don’t understand what the hold up is. The flooding occurred four months ago. Why are people waiting to register? There have been countless articles in the newspaper, segments on the news, and public service announcements on the radio. If people don’t want to register, you can’t make them, and I’m not sure any deadline extension is going to help.

But, for all of the last minute, procrastinator types, you’ve been granted another reprieve. Get your stuff together. Register with FEMA and New York State, because who knows, they could be serious about the deadline this time.