Foley’s Follies

Jessica Lewis

In yet another government scandal, Republican Congressman Mark Foley resigned his post last week. Foley is being investigated by the FBI after e-mails and instant messages that he exchanged with an underage page gained public attention.

ABC News released portions of an instant message conversation in which Foley was setting up meetings with the teen and pressuring him into situations that made him uncomfortable. It disgusts me that any individual would take advantage of an underage child, but the fact that Foley was in a position of power and leadership make it all the more despicable. Even worse is the fact that Foley was the co-chairmen of the missing and exploited children caucus. He used his position and his authority to get close to these children and manipulate them.

Information has been released that at least two to three individuals had knowledge of the inappropriate e-mail correspondence between the congressman and the page and did nothing. In my opinion the lack of action by these individuals makes them every bit as guilty as Foley. They had a responsibility to the page, to the law, and to their voters to insure that this type of event was avoided. By remaining silent, they put other young people at risk. These actions should not be tolerated by anyone.

Foley is now saying that he was molested as a teenager, and that paired with his alcoholism (a condition that many family members are saying they’ve never seen) drove him to do what he did. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of the excuses. I don’t care how bad his childhood was, or how much alcohol he has consumed. For once, I would just like to see someone take responsibility for their actions and stop making excuses.