Signing off from Colorscape ’06

Jeff Genung

Patty Larkin has just left the stage, bringing to a close Colorscape Chenango 2006. (She was great, but I’m still partial to The Kennedys, Pete & Maura, as my all-time Colorscape faves).

All in all, it was another successful weekend filled with all the sights and sounds that make this such a magical time of year. Reconnecting with old friends and sharing in the spirit of community which overtakes East and West parks in downtown Norwich is really what Colorscape’s all about, and this weekend had that in spades.

We at The Evening Sun had a fun time playing with new technology, bringing our web audience live updates of Frank Speziale’s photos, selected video clips of the performing artists and of course this rolling blog. It was our first foray, really, into using the website to expand our coverage beyond the printed page, and I dare say it was success. Hopefully it’s just a taste of things to come as we shift from thinking of ourselves as solely a newspaper publisher and more into being an information services provider. Many thanks to our “web guy” Craig Ballinger (and Allnet Networking, who provided the wifi Internet access) for making the technical end of things possible, and to my trusty staff, Melissa deCordova, Jill Osterhout, Jessica Lewis (and Benjamin!) and Tyler Murphy for manning the booth alongside yours truly. It was a fun weekend.

Now, what will we come up with for the Pumpkin Festival?