Back to school…

Jessica Lewis

This week, students everywhere will begin another school year, but students in Oxford are in for a surprise. The 12th grade English teacher in the Oxford School District decided not to come back this year. With all of the controversy surrounding the high number of seniors who failed to graduate last semester who could blame him?

Apparenty, quite a few people can and do. The problem is not that the teacher left the district, but that he chose to do so the day before classes began. Several people, students and parents a like, complained about the way in which he ran his classroom, but who could have suspected that he would leave the school high and dry the day before classes were to resume?
Existing teachers are now stepping up to take over the classes that are left unattended, giving up their free time to do so. A search for the next Oxford English teacher is to begin shortly. Hopefully they will find a replacement quickly and easily. Until then, I wish the teachers and students at Oxford luck. I hope this upset to the system causes as little stress as possible, and doesn’t cast a negative shadow on the first day back.