Responsibility is freedom

Tyler Murphy

I’ve been an employee for about 72 hours now and I’m already positive I made the right decision in taking this job over my old one.

I used to work as a sample lab/receiving technician. The job had a some perks like benefits and probably one of the higher hourly wages around. I left it practically running. I found the environment deeply corporate. I would describe it like this: imagine standing atop a hill, a display laid before you … a green valley long ago sheared out by immense glaciers, peering hard in the infinite leaves and other lush foliage. Your experience subtly enhanced by the sound of birds, insects, and distant conversation. It’s the feeling you get in the back of your heart, unleashing a rare and primal appreciation for the masterpiece of Mother Nature. All the creations, constant changes, people and then you’re struck by a sharp realization that you are truly free and apart from anything in this world. Upon glancing down beneath your feet is the hot, dark, man made manufactured and patented black top. Black fragments of black debris anchored together by an even darker tar. Around this empty parking lot are gum wrappers, cigarette butts and faded soda cans, a car cruises by and the smell of carbon dioxide fills your breath. You begin to gain a feeling of desolation and detachment; the world may not be so open as the first view initially condoned.

I appreciate personal growth and a never-ending need to be educated. I find personal joy in interpersonal reactions and in order to grow one must change. I did not find this sort of environment in my old job. Factory work may be for some, but I swear I’ll never work in a place without windows again (both literally and metaphorically). Perhaps this is why this job held so much appeal – never the same day, always meeting a new person, always forced to learn.