One month down…

Jessica Lewis

Now that my first month at The Evening Sun is coming to an end, I feel comfortable telling you that at first I was terrified. I looked ahead to the day when both Jeff Morse and Mike Maguire would be absent from the office with a feeling of dread. As long as they remained, I had a safety net, but once they were gone, I was walking that tight rope alone.
Well, the time has passed and so far I’ve been able to balance on my own. (Even if I am a little unsteady.) I’m even getting over that niggling fear that disaster is about to strike. To be honest, I am actually enjoying this job.
I’ve met more people in this first month, than the entire population of the small town in which I grew up. Most of them have been very friendly and open. I know this is only the tip of the iceberg, as I am meeting more and more people daily. I hope my sleep deprived brain will be able to match the faces to the names.
So far I have covered stories about bull riding, campaign stops, and everything in between. I have no idea what may come next, but I look forward to it whatever it may be.