Military Recall

Jessica Lewis

While reading the paper today, I came across an article of personal interest to me. Marine troops are being recalled to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan on an involuntary basis. While this is a new process for the Marines, the article states that the Army has been recalling their troops for some time.

This astounds me. Personal opinions about the war put aside, I think about the families of these soldiers. They believe that their son/daughter/husband is finally safe from this threat, only to have the rug pulled from under them.

I find myself wondering what a better solution would be. Our troops are spread thin. It’s a painful reality. Enlistment numbers are down, and the military has raised the age limit and loosened requirements to combat the problem, but is it enough? Obviously if they must recall troops on an involuntary basis, it is not.

Now a US General is pointing the finger at Iran, saying that the country is training the Iraqi Insurgents, and I can’t help but wonder if even more of our troops will be deployed.

So what is the solution? I definitely would not want the troops already overseas to be put at greater risk by spreading them even thinner, but I wonder if anyone thought this a likely possibility when enlisting.

Maybe they did, and this post is no more than the ramblings of my paranoid mind. I am no expert and I have no solutions, but I do know that earlier this year the administration said its goal was to decrease the number of troops serving in Iraq to 100,000 by years end. With this latest military recall, I have to doubt that possibility.