Post haste

Jeff Genung

Perhaps inspired by my publisher’s love of The New York Post, my design for the front page of Tuesday’s Evening Sun had a decidedly tabloid-esque flair.

My inspiration, of course, was the inherently salacious tale of fallen pastor Lewis Lee, who ran away with a teenage member of his flock last spring, and who was sentenced in Chenango County court Monday afternoon on seven counts of rape.

Every other newspaper on the block (and pretty much every TV station, too) jumped all over the Lewis Lee case like flies on … well, this is still a family-friendly blog. While we resisted (and I still believe rightly so) the temptation to camp out with the victim’s family and plunge the story into even lower depths of shame, I couldn’t hold back any longer, front page wise, after Monday’s court appearance. Reporter Jessica Lewis did a great job with the story, straight up and by the book. But something struck my inner-muckraker fancy when I read it. During Lee’s oration to Judge Sullivan, the former man of the cloth said, “I FAILED GOD.”

If ever there was a quote crying out for Post headline and smarmy perp walk mugshot splashed across four columns, this was it.

Please forgive me if you were taken aback by my momentary lapse into the world of tabloid journalism; it will not be a recurring theme, I promise you. But every so often, it’s fun to shake things up.