And then there were …

Jeff Genung

Astute readers have no doubt noticed changes in The Evening Sun’s byline roster over the past few weeks. Over the past 16 years with paper, I’ve seen a lot of reporters come and go, but never as many en masse as in the summer of ‘06.

The mass exodus of 75 percent of our staff writers began in July with the departure of Nicole Martinez, who left to join the staff of The Daily Item in Lynn, Mass. Next out the door was Jeff Morse, who left in mid-August to pursue a career in nursing. Last but not least was Mike McGuire (see the post below) who left Friday for the hallowed halls of SU, with the eventual goal of becoming a history teacher.

Yikes. As if I didn’t have a head full of gray hair already.

Never fear, dear readers. The Evening Sun hasn’t turned out a blank page in all its 116 years, and we’re not about to start. We’re fortunate in that the chairs vacated by Nicole, Jeff and Mike barely had time to get cold. Jill Osterhout and Jessica Lewis have been with us a few weeks now, and are well on their way to becoming valuable members of our staff. We have one more cub reporter starting Monday, and our happy newsroom will be full once again.

Pairing the newbies with our “seasoned vets” – myself, Pat Newell and Melissa deCordova, will no doubt result in some changes to The Evening Sun, as it’s always fun to see what a little new blood can do. Given the revolving door we’ve had this summer (our goodbye lunches at Bohemian Moon have become de rigeur) I’d say we’ve had a full-blown transfusion.