Smell ya later.

Michael McGuire

My time here is at an end. The lure of Gibtown was too strong in the end for me to spend another day with The Evening Sun.

I’m currently awaiting Millie to show up with the side-car, but in the meantime I have a few thank you’s I want to get out of the way before I light the match and speed out of town.

Thank you to Jeff Genung for giving me a shot. I was fresh out of Juvenile Hall, had zero experience, and Jeff knew from viewing my torn denim jacket that any loyalty I had rested with the wind; yet he hired me anyway. My time here has made me a better person, a better writer, and given me a better understanding of my capabilities, and the courage to pursue them without fear. For that experience, I cannot thank you enough Jeff, and I guarantee the wisdom I’ve gained here will pay-off when I’m driving nails into my ears and nose as the main draw in the freak show.

I also have to thank the real boss, owner Dick Snyder, for listening to Jeff and letting him hire me despite the unfortunate switch blade incident in the Pennysaver parking-lot prior to my interview. Sorry Dick, all’s well that end’s well, hopefully.

Next I have to thank my peer mentors, Melissa deCordova, Jeff Morse, and Nicole Martinez. They showed me the ropes and cut me some slack (when necessary), but mostly they cracked the whip because I was always getting out of line. You were all honest with me, you welcomed me, you helped me, and you were kind to me. It would be hard to do a bad job working in an environment like that. It was a lot of fun. Thank you all.

Thanks to my other office cohorts, Jan “Gin” Rowe, Deb “Altamont” Deuel, “Kindergarten” Linda Green (she was literally my first teacher) and George Snyder. George, thanks for all the wonderful conversations we had about good vs. evil, I looked forward to them.

Next, I have to thank all the bullies, liars and cheats out there. Just kidding, you don’t get a thank you.

Good luck to the new reporters, Jessica Lewis and Jill Osterhout; I feel I never knew you. Sorry for the permanent smell left behind in the Newsroom.

Finally, thanks to the public, who’s positive and negative feedback was something I was not used to on a job. It was gratifying and flattering to hear positive responses on an article, especially when people said it made them happy. Thank you for all your support. On the other hand, the negative feedback was kind of a rush sometimes. When it was justified, I apologized, when it was unjustified, it felt good to know I was rattling the cage.

Speaking of cages, I think I hear Millie’s Honda backfiring outside. That means it’s time for the big adios, or the Grande good-bye, whichever you prefer. It was fun. I hope you had fun. I hope it didn’t suck. And if it did – too bad – tell it to the next guy.