Michael McGuire

The STOP NYRI rally, while under-attended, was a great success. Hard rain, which made it dangerous to travel (going slow I had some hydro-plaining issues both up and back) did not deture a decent crowd from coming to re-up their dosage of no-NYRI meds.

I think events like that one are great, because they allow people to charge their batteries and see that what they’re doing is real. Much of the writing I’ve done about NYRI has been from my desk using a computer and a telephone. I’d love to talk to these people in person, but this thing is 200 miles long, and my little GEO just couldn’t take it.

But in the park, in the Village, those that came could actually see their fellow citizens and together they could visualize what this power line would really be like. People I’ve never seen, only quoted, who were at the rally came to life in my mind – the new relationships make this whole issue that much more substantial.

Some area acoustic musicians (I didn’t get all their names because my note pad got soaked) sang some great original power line songs, and the speakers on-hand re-affirmed the worthy cause they’re undertaking.

They still need help. In all honestly this thing has really only just begun. Up until now it has been a watery mix of talk and concrete developments. The Article VII process is upon us and the federal energy constraint study is due out the first week in August. This whole thing could be made or broken in the next couple of weeks, or it could drag on forever. So basically, anything could happen.

It’s been a good start, better than expected in my opinion. Hopefully the various packs of ravinous lawyers will come through for us this time around, and hopefully they smell a lot of chum in the waters based on what’s been tossed out so far.