Excellent Choices

Jeff Genung

An impending visit of out-of-town family members kept me home cleaning instead of covering Common Council last night (hey, I’ve got priorities too!), but now I’m sorry I missed it. I was pleasantly surprised this morning when Mike McGuire told me the city leaders had appointed Police Chief Joe Angelino to temporarily fill in as fire chief in anticipation of the upcoming departure of John Tighe.

While I’m not sure how the police chief feels about pulling double duty, I think it’s an excellent choice – and possibly a nod toward the future direction of that post. When Tighe announced his resignation, I know many in the fire department’s ranks cheered. Personally, he and I always got along well, and I appreciated the access he gave to my reporters. That said, a move has been afoot more than once to eliminate the relatively new position entirely. Perhaps Angelino’s stint as head of both departments will prove a harbinger of a more permanent consolidation – the creation of a Director of Public Safety for the city, if you will.

And on the Ward 5 front, kudos for picking Paul Laughlin to fill the vacancy left when Joe Maiurano took the mayor’s spot. Mr. Laughlin’s insightful commentary has always made his letters to the editor (that would be me) stand out among the pack. And he’s the father of our own beloved “Front Desk” Rose over at the Pennysaver, so he’s gotta be a good guy!