New Hartford hearing

Michael McGuire

The NYRI senate hearing last night in New Hartford was more docile than the June 15 gathering in Norwich, none the less their was new and great testimony and questions.

One specific presentation by Terry Dote, a board member for the Village of Clayville, showed the pictures NYRI submitted of all the areas where the power line would cross roads and highways. These pictures showed Clayville as a dilapidated and dark waste land, as it have many other areas along the line. Pictures of the same areas in Clayville were then taken by local residents, and they showed vibrant parks, homes, and playgrounds that were tactfully ommitted from NYRI’s viewshed analysis.

I think that presentation was really a metaphor for this whole issue.

NYRI sees us as warn out, and ripe for a thrashing that we can’t and won’t try to withstand. They see a weak citizenry living in a weak economy.

The people of NYRI probably have families. However, techincal reports, numbers, terms, science and money have allowed them to rationalize subjugating the same connections most people from all places carry; a love of family, a love for communities, and a general respect other people.

They haven’t considered other ways, better ways, of fixing the energy crunch because they aren’t in it as a public service messenger – that’s the point. They are strip miners and carpet baggers, who probably found this government sponsored opportunity to get rich quick in a Matthew Lesko book.

You could take someone else’s brain, insert it in my head, and then tell me I’ll be smarter, but is that really the best solution for my intellectual shortcomings? No, there are a ton of other safer, cheaper, and more longterm resources I could use to upgrade with right here at home.
They say they chose this route because they aready had the right of ways from a previous project. According to the railroads, they don’t have anything yet. They chose us because they think it will be easy.

If the people of NYRI do have souls (and especially if they don’t!), then I wouldn’t take all the whiskey in Ireland to trade spots with them, especially the representatives at these hearings.

Believing that they do have some feelings – to see the strife on the faces in the crowd, to hear the anger, fear and frustration in their voices, and to deny them and to listen to yourself perpetuate their struggle is no doubt so gut wrenching that the sickness of greed is no cure, but rather the momentarily self-evident source for the guilt and self loathing symptomatic of such a defilement. This particular one being known as the New York Regional Interconnection.