Chenango County

Michael McGuire

I had a full tank of gas and a sense of adventure this past Friday night, so I took a drive to the far reaches of northwestern Chenango County. And I must say, I was really mesmerized by the scenery and landscapes in the South Otselic, North Pitcher and Lincklaen areas, using state Route 26 as reference point while traveling along various county and back roads.

Guided by a bright moon, I was astounded that I logged almost 90 miles after leaving Norwich around 9:30 p.m., and was pleasantly suprised with the steep hillsides and “shire” like valleys that I encountered after passing through the always charming hamlet of South Otselic.

That was just one section of the county, and I’m glad I’m more familiar with it.

However, I don’t recommend necessarily just cruising around. First, it’s expensive. Second, (as I noted deep into my trek) if you got stuck out in some of these places with car trouble, in most cases there won’t be anybody around to help you. There is usually no cell service and chances are people won’t know you are out there.

If getting stranded, and possibly munsoned, and finding your way out of it is your thing, then by all means proceed with caution to the wind you little survivor.

My overall point is that Chenango County really is beautiful. It’s full of hidden and remarkeable places, and if you do a little exploring outside your normal travels you will be suprised about, and proud of, where you live.