Macker Mania

Jeff Genung

Here it is, Saturday evening, and I dare say I’ve had my fill of Gus Macker. While it’s truly a great community event that does wonders for downtown Norwich and tourism in general, by the time the first ball bounces I’ve put so much time into our special Saturday edition that’s given out free that morning that my enthusiasm for it has waned. Occupational hazard, I suppose. I’m not a big fan of basketball in general (and certainly not a player), so that may be another reason Macker isn’t my favorite of Chenango summer events. That said, it did look like a good time was had by all during my cursory stroll up and down East Main Street this afternoon.

I hope those who sat courtside early Saturday morning enjoyed our special (and free!) edition of The Evening Sun this morning. Besides the game brackets and player names, there were some great feature stories on Macker enthusiasts and a generous helping of today’s news as well. Thanks also to our advertisers, whose support made giving Saturday’s edition away for free possible.

Tomorrow, I’ll head downtown again to check out what our local merchants are up to for Sidewalk Sales.